Monday, June 8, 2009

Hi Darrell

Hi Darrell,
You have such an interesting story to tell. I live in TX where we execute guilty and innocent. We recently had our first case of a dead man being proven innocent. He died of natural causes in prison. I think his name is Tom Coleman.
I have taken a special interest in sex offenders because 95% confess and I know of cases where inmates are innocent. The best way to get a confession it to tell the defendant that going to court insures that he will be made an example for others to follow. 20 years sounds like a bargain when the prosecutor is asking for 50 years.
When an SO has a jury trial they are folks just like you and me. Even if they believe someone is innocent they have to give them a little punishment due to peer pressure. Life on the registry is not a small sentence. There is no such thing as a small slap on the wrist when someone is labeled a sex offender.
I spent 5 years talking with sex offenders and there were hundreds. Three let me down. The dept of justice shows a study that gives the recidivism rate as 5.3%. I went to my local sheriff and asked to see documentation on so's that had been convicted of a new crime in the past year and the answer is zero.
You must have found me by accident because I have spent little time here and have yet to tell anyone what I am doing. I am not sure I am savvy enough to carry it off. I am glad you are here. Feel free to comment.