Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mosque at Ground Zero

What are the thoughts on this? Our constitution allows us to worship any God we please. However, out constitution makes no determination as to where a house of worship can be built be it Muslim or Methodist.
We are now being told that Muslims worship daily near the Pentagon. Adding an additional place at Ground Zero has the feel of marking territory that has been has been ravaged.
Now I know there are moderate Muslims just as there are moderates in every religion. The people in charge of this project see it as a practice in tolerance. That is something I believe in as well. Except this time the tolerance should be on the side of the Muslims. Respect could be earned by moving this center to another location since it is clearly a dividing issue in America. We need to be united. Do Muslims believe in the Constitution? This is not something that Americans should be fighting over. Our American Muslim friends will hopefully have the sensibility to choose another location.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What happened to them?

Some months ago we heard a chilling story about a family of men that had abused children during their younger years. The accusation was based on repressed memories. The men were jailed and heavy equipment was dispatched to find jars with notes describing bad memories and remains of one baby or several. Does anyone have follow-up information? Are the men still jailed. Is the search continuing after all of this time? Did authorities flub up?
Stories like this get the attention of the nation. Apologies are not what the public wants to hear and no explanation is given on a national level. There are no apologies for the terror they have caused or the men that will always be viewed with suspicion. Of course nothing is done to the alleged victim for fear incidents will go unreported. It would be a real shame if liars learned not to take their lies to authorities . Someone down the road might get a plea bargain and innocence has never been a big concern.
In TX an 18 year old man was convicted of rape. 27 years later he as been proven innocent. Nobody can give back his lost adulthood. Over the weekend the family was still waiting for his release. This is more bull. Processing out could be done in the free world.