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Adam Walsh: Blame It On The Dead Guy

( This is a rewrite of the op/ed posted earlier. New information surfaced that needed to be included)

Adam Walsh: Blame it on the Dead Guy

There is no proof that Jeffrey Dahmer was at a Hollywood, FL mall on July 27, 1981.
There is no proof that Ottis Toole was at this mall on July 27, 1981.
Most of all there is no proof that Adam Walsh was at the mall on the 27th of July, 1981. We do know that Adam was killed somewhere and by somebody.

A staged abduction at the mall would serve many purposes. Focus would be taken off the family. They would be viewed as victims. This public location offered a variety of scenarios and a wide assortment of possible suspects. In a private setting there are usually a small number of people directly tied to an incident. Let’s look at what we would have seen if public attention had been on the Walsh home.

John Walsh was a big man in a compact body. It appears that loving the females was proof of his masculinity as he made his way through college and went on to become a lifeguard on the beaches of Florida. He eventually decided his dangerous lifestyle would likely lead to an early death unless he got married. That is when he remembered Reve Drew from college.

Getting married does not always mean settling down. As he became a known figure he often made the tabloids with his choice of the day. It seems like morals have never been a requirement for being an expert on our kids. His own children were put through hell by sexual obsessions that have kept him captive for many years.

Being diagnosed as a sex addict was a revelation that he is the man he has spent years warning parents about. This is a condition that is very real and some of the symptoms are fantasy, masturbation, porn, seeking out multiple partners and an overwhelming feeling of regret once it was over. This tells us that we don’t know where he has been, where he is going next, the ages of those that have experienced the direct abuse. He is correct in saying it is an illness but this secret is also a betrayal of public trust. It is certainly possible to get the demons under control but his entire livelihood depends on sexual issues. It is not an environment in which to recover.

Now this is the same man who claimed to be a partner in a multi-million dollar hotel construction project in the Bahamas. It has an impressive sound and may be entirely true. However, the job he was reporting to and getting a paycheck from was in Bal Harbor where he arranged conventions for a hotel in the Bahamas. Salesman is a big step down from hotel magnate but it does help explain why his home went into foreclosure and his utilities had to be paid by others. Without a regular paycheck most of us would have the same experiences and there is no shame in needing help.

Let’s take another step back in time and look at Reve Walsh and her 4 year affair with James Campbell, friend of Walsh and godfather of Adam. After a 2 year stint as a house guest John kicked him out and there was an argument between the two men. But Campbell did not stay away. According to police reports he claims to have gone to the Walsh home on the very day that Adam was reported as missing. His visit took place after John had gone off to work at his sales job and James says he was closer to Adam than than his biological father. This appreciative guest wanted more than was offered.

This is the story that Campbell told more than once while attached to a lie detector. On the other side of the coin John Walsh has stated that Campbell was still living in the home when Adam disappeared. It can’t be that difficult to know who was living in the household. Either way there are still all of the ingredients of a dysfunctional family and disaster.

Police checked and rechecked this entire situation. It led nowhere. They checked and rechecked every lead concerning the mall. There was nothing to indicate that it was the scene of abduction. Over the years all sorts of speculation have been thrown into the mix but no concrete evidence has surfaced. It was a shock when a man that had been a rotting corpse for 10 years was named as the murderer and the case was closed. This has the makings of a cliffhanger and an opening is available for a sequel.

When Walsh dies he may find Toole waiting on the other side with a piece of lead pipe. In life this man did not have the opportunity to face his accusers or speak in his own defense so it was a slam-dunk for Walsh. Blaming a dead guy is a lot less messy and a timetable based on political expediency was possible.Toole had been silent for 10 years so the case was closed based on speculation.

Closing a 27 year old case would have been a great relief to those that were investigated and scrutinized over the years. A stumble by any of them could have swayed the whimsical public. A closed case would likely be reopened only with hard evidence such as a valid confession or an eye witness with inside information.

Losing a child does not make one an expert in saving them. In many cases it does not even make them better parents. Living with any kind of addict can be a huge burden. Living with one that has so much power must be a nightmare. But the dishonesty and sexual escapades speak for who we are as a nation. Morals are not a requirement for being a spokesman for our children.

Parents must show some common sense. Media teaches our children all of the details of illegal acts. We are all aware of the copycat incidents that give these actions momentum. Criminals our our creation.

Concrete answers concerning Adam would be a blessing for this entire nation. Papa John should take his rage and leave the world stage. Society should insist. The public view of an addict is someone who is weak, diseased, despised and disgraced so an inner turmoil is fierce and constant. Self-loathing is also a part of addiction. It must be very frustrating to want normal and find it is so elusive.
Angel McDade
All rights retained by Angel McDade and Associates

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Child Safety by the numbers by Shirley Lowery

Some interesting statistics about dangers to children

The laws enacted to monitor and control sex offenders are extraordinary. I think we can all agree to that. The general public believes these extraordinary laws are justified. The faces of murdered children, killed by sexual predators, are flashed on the TV urging us to "consider the children." And who could resist? Who would want to? Surely it is justified to face the threats to our children.

But what are those threats really? Is there a way to know?

Actually, yes...

- U.S. Department of Justice, National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Throwaway Children.


This report states that in 2002 an estimated 1,325,600 kids went missing. 797,500 were reported as missing.

628,900 of these children were identified as runaway/throwaway kids.

Of the other 528,100 children their parents didn't even bother to file a report.

Yet the we hear the constant scream of "if it saves one child". Oh, there are so many more than that who need to be saved so let’s look at where the danger lies.

Out of 1,315,600 missing kids 115 were snatched in the sense that everybody is worried about. And that includes kids that were snatched for ransom, and kids that were snatched by a disturbed or distraught person who wanted a child of their own, so how many are left that were snatched and killed by the sex offenders that are hiding behind every tree? That's what we're really worried about, right? Actually, the report tells us that number is 40 but let’s be generous and use the entire 115 who were snatched out of the 1.3 million who went missing.

You will find that less than 1/100th of 1% were snatched but the number that people care about and are willing to spend our resources on is much lower. To qualify for an outcry there must be a combination of sex, violence and death.

Page 11 of the report states that "…40 missing children who were stereotypicall y kidnapped and killed (an estimated 35) or were still missing (approximately 5) at the time of the study." Yes, that is too many. But are we going to ignore all the others to concentrate on less than 1/200th of 1%?

Now, it is a sad fact that there are more children who die each year than just these 40. Many more. How many more and how are they dying?

Center for Disease Control


A quick look at Top Ten deaths in minors in 2002 shows that there were 17,759 kids who died (excluding infant mortality).

Of those:

1296 were shot to death by someone,

145 were stabbed to death,

89 were strangled,

37 were burned alive,

17 were poisoned,

603 shot themselves,

559 hung themselves, and

6132 were killed in traffic accidents.

This tells us that in 2002:

Your child was 1400% more likely to hang themselves than be snatched and killed by a sex offender.

Your child was 1500% more likely to shoot themselves than be snatched and killed by a sex offender

Your child was 3200% more likely to be murdered by firearm by someone besides a sex offender.

Your child was 4000% more likely to be shot, stabbed, strangled, burned alive or poisoned than snatched and killed by a sex offender.

Your child was 15300% more likely to be killed in a car crash than snatched and killed by a sex offender.

We find more information here.

The American Journal of Psychiatry


- Among children under age 5 years in the United States who were murdered in the last quarter of the 20th century, 61% were killed by their own parents: 30% were killed by their mothers, and 31% by their fathers

- Compared to other developed nations, the United States has the highest rate of child homicide

61% of murdered children under age 5 were murdered by their own parents. We are not speaking of accidents or carelessness that leads to death. Statistically speaking, parents are, by far, the greatest threat to a child’s life. So much for "protect the children!"

You may have noticed above that car accidents were the leading killer of children. Sadly, many of these are completely avoidable.

The American Journal of Psychiatry

Center for Disease Control


- "Motor-vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among children under 1 year old in the united states".

- "One in four crash-related deaths among child passengers aged under 14 years involves alcohol use."

-"…68% were riding with the drinking drivers; the majority of these children were not restrained."

- "The majority of children who died while riding with drinking drivers were not restrained at the time of the crash."

- "The majority of drivers in these crashes survived, suggesting that certain children killed in alcohol-related crashes might have survived had they been restrained properly."

This tells us that car crashes are killing our kids in great numbers. And that 25% of the time it’s because of drunk drivers. Where is the real rage? Where is the extraordinary response to an extraordinary threat?

It gets worse. It turns out those more than 50% of those drunk drivers was a parent of the dead child. Is this acceptable to Americans?

"The majority of drivers in these crashes survived, suggesting that certain children killed in alcohol-related crashes might have survived had they been restrained properly"

Your child is 2600% more likely to be killed by you because you couldn’t be bothered to put their seatbelt on when you felt like driving drunk with your kid in the car. Are these the same parents who scream for tougher laws to protect their children against sex offenders??

These are huge numbers of children being killed in brutal ways - it's like a war zone out there. Or is that an exaggeration?

We, as a nation, are so outraged by our causalities in Iraq. Cindy Sheehan let the world know of her personal outrage and why not? Losing a child is not easy.

The war in Iraq started in March 2003. As of 7/11/2007 we had lost 3610 fine men and women. That is an average of 902.5 lives per year. Let’s do some more comparisons of numbers using the numbers above.

More kids are shot to death each year in American than Soldiers are killed in Iraq. 1296 versus 902

More kids kill themselves each year in America than Soldiers are killed in Iraq. 1162 versus 902

More kids are killed by drunk drivers (usually their parents) than Soldiers are killed in Iraq. 1533 versus 902

Combine just those categories and you get 3991 kids who are either shot to death, kill themselves, or are killed by drunk driver versus 902.5 soldier killed in the Iraq war - that's four times as many.

Considering that one of the main points of contention of the Iraq war is the casualties, you’d think we’d be at least as concerned about our children.

Remember this?

The American Journal of Psychiatry


- Among children under age 5 years in the United States who were murdered in the last quarter of the 20th century, 61% were killed by their own parents

- Compared to other developed nations, the United States has the highest rate of child homicide

61% of murdered children under age 5 were murdered by their own parents. We are not speaking of accidents or carelessness that leads to death. Statistically speaking, parents are, by far, the greatest threat to a child’s life. So much for "protect the children!"

Some of our children manage to make it to adulthood in spite of the adults in their lives. I kept wondering why a nation would make a mockery of child safety by latching on to the least likely threat. The answer is not so difficult.

Hating sex offenders is easy. Screaming loudly shows your concern about your children. No action is required on the part of the parents except an opinion that is acceptable in society.

Dealing with a runaway or unruly child takes a lot of hard work. A suicidal or addicted child can tear your heart out. A drink now and then saves your sanity. And kids know how to push your buttons and make you mad enough to kill but, of course, you would never do such a thing.

Adults no longer have a vested interest in their children and everyone in the family goes their own direction. Ignoring is much simpler than arguing and disciplining. They are going to do what they want anyway so why bother with a ruckus. Right?

When next you rail against sex offenders ask yourself why you aren’t taking on the big risk issues? The reason, in many cases, is that it would draw negative attention to lifestyles that are counter-productive to a child’s safety. By trying to divert attention elsewhere you expose yourself as a phony and it will come full circle. Count on it.
"The mood and temper of the public in regard to the treatment of crime and criminals is one of the most unfailing tests of a civilization. We must have a desire to rehabilitate into the world of industry, all those who have paid their dues in the hard coinage of punishment." - Winston Churchill (United States Constitution)

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A SO in Ga Amen! I don't think I've seen a better use of the government's own numbers. So Bravo to the author!
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Thursday, July 16, 2009 – Flag – Reply

Kirk Yes a very well writen article. I think a copy should be sent to all of Congress and lets not forget the Governers across the country.
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Thursday, July 16, 2009 – Flag – Reply

Guest just proves what i've said before. If society wants to "Protect the children!" Fine ROUND UP ALL THE PARENTS and lock them up for life.
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Hi Darrell

Hi Darrell,
You have such an interesting story to tell. I live in TX where we execute guilty and innocent. We recently had our first case of a dead man being proven innocent. He died of natural causes in prison. I think his name is Tom Coleman.
I have taken a special interest in sex offenders because 95% confess and I know of cases where inmates are innocent. The best way to get a confession it to tell the defendant that going to court insures that he will be made an example for others to follow. 20 years sounds like a bargain when the prosecutor is asking for 50 years.
When an SO has a jury trial they are folks just like you and me. Even if they believe someone is innocent they have to give them a little punishment due to peer pressure. Life on the registry is not a small sentence. There is no such thing as a small slap on the wrist when someone is labeled a sex offender.
I spent 5 years talking with sex offenders and there were hundreds. Three let me down. The dept of justice shows a study that gives the recidivism rate as 5.3%. I went to my local sheriff and asked to see documentation on so's that had been convicted of a new crime in the past year and the answer is zero.
You must have found me by accident because I have spent little time here and have yet to tell anyone what I am doing. I am not sure I am savvy enough to carry it off. I am glad you are here. Feel free to comment.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Adam Walsh: Blame It On The Dead Guy

At the same time Adam Walsh disappeared James Campbell, a friend of John Walsh, was living in the Walsh home and having an affair with the Walsh wife. John said he didn’t know about it until much farther down the road. That is the correct answer but it may not be the truthful one.

Authorities knew that James was living there but this man stayed so far below the radar that most of the public failed to pick up on him and the betrayal that was taking place in the home. We have heard nothing about Campbell over the years. It would be interesting to see what he has to say and what kind of life he had led. Walsh claims that Campbell would not have killed Adam but neither his wife nor his friend were trustworthy.

Walsh claims there were no financial problems but shortly after Adam’s disappearance the Walsh home went into foreclosure and there was a struggle to keep the utilities on. The time frame suggests that this downhill slide started before Adam’s disappearance.

And John Walsh has always loved the ladies. His efforts to settle down appear sincere but over the years he has left many notched on bedposts. It took many years of denial before he accepted that his behavior was deviant and sought medical care. If infidelity were a crime Walsh would be a lifer.

This was an explosive situation. The adults in the household were busy seeing to their individual needs and a special trip to the mall to get a lamp and spruce up the home hardly fits the picture. A lonely little boy, seeing and hearing too much, could have easily got caught up in the adult anger that was swirling around him. There has been years of speculation that Adam never reached the mall. There is no proof that he was there. A mother’s claim with nothing to support it has never carried much weight. A nation was being persuaded to believe people who could not trust one another. For the next 27 years these adults remained as suspects in an open murder case.

Toole was a nasty character but had no involvement with children. There was no evidence to charge him when he was alive but, in death, he was convicted. A new pair of eyes looked at the same old information and decided guilt. It was closure on more than a quarter of a century of being suspects. Everything else remains the same. When John Walsh dies there will be so many stories and, like Toole, there will be nothing he can do about it. It would be wonderful if Adam could communicate so the finger-pointing would stop. Such children must surely hate whatis done in their names.

A staged abduction at a mall would account for a missing child, direct focus away from the home, depict the family as victims and increase the number of suspects from 3 to 300 or 3000. Reve Walsh has a crucial but minimal role. After making her public outcry she was hustled away to the background. James Campbell remained quiet and kept his head down. All of the details we have heard over the years have been made by John Walsh who only had hearsay information from his wife.

There appears to be no information available as to when Adam was last seen by someone outside the home. His remains cannot pinpoint exact date of death but it would have taken a couple of days to plan a distraction at the mall. The business partners could probably shed some light on John Walsh’s schedule and attitude the couple of days prior to Adam’s disappearance.

The John Walsh we see on camera is warning us about the John Walsh off camera that we only hear about. This leaves him with no standard to judge normal behavior and it has caused many males to take a step back from relationships with their children. So many years were spent getting father’s more involved in child rearing. Now they are afraid to change diapers or hold their little ones in their laps. It’s a loss for all of us.

Over the years we have watched the bizarre Walsh marriage stumble along. Marriage protects them from being forced to testify against one another should such an occasion ever arise.

Like everything else out there this is more speculation that can neither be proved nor disproved. There is still time for truth to emerge or be reaffirmed into something with substance. Three people know what happened during that time period and only one has spoken. That also seems odd in such a high profile case.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Who's Homeless Now?

The number of homeless people continues to rise. How many of us must experience this tragic situation before we as a nation realize that we have absolutely no right to force sex offenders and their families from their homes and communities. Payback is a bitch but it has not affected enough of the right people.

Recidivism is also a bitch so let’s see who we should be watching in our neighborhoods.

• Released prisoners with the highest rearrest rates were robbers (70.2%), burglars (74.0%), larcenists (74.6%), motor vehicle thieves (78.8%), those in prison for possessing or selling stolen property (77.4%), and those in prison for possessing, using, or selling illegal weapons (70.2%).
• Within 3 years, 2.5% of released rapists were arrested for another rape, and 1.2% of those who had served time for homicide were arrested for homicide.
• The 272,111 offenders discharged in 1994 had accumulated 4.1 million arrest charges before their most recent imprisonment and another 744,000 charges within 3 years of release. http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/abstract/rpr94.htm

Approximately 4,300 child molesters were released from prisons in 15 States in 1994. An estimated 3.3% of these 4,300 were rearrested for another sex crime against a child within 3 years of release from prison. http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/crimoff.htm#sex

Hmmmm. This information is from the Department of Justice. It proves that this issue is pure politics and our elected officials are trying so hard to get a billion dollar national SORNA/AWA passed. But this is the same issue that got many of them elected so a solution would be fatal to many careers. But Americans have so much faith in the government. They would not lie to us or mislead us, would they? Of course not.

Ernie Allen, head of Missing and Exploited Children, was before Congress exploiting children. He has been known to tell the truth when flustered and it happened again. "Registration is not about prevention, it's about regulation". He spoke those words in front of God and everybody and his political friends must have cringed. It is one of those things that they know but it doesn’t get talked about in public.

Laura Rodgers, who was the entirety of the SMART office, wrote the SORNA guidelines wrote the SORNA guidelines. This one-person department is responsible for tying the states in knots and filling the courts with lawsuits. In her presentation she stated that SORNA/AWA is not about recidivism but about supplying communities with information so individuals can protect themselves.

It is truly amazing that all agree the problem is in the communities so why are we being led to send our money the opposite direction. By the time everyone gets their share of the pie there are only crumbs left for the communities where the problems exist. The most amazing thing about all of this is that the public is supporting it rather than taking to the streets in protest. The next several generations will be footing the bill for our foolishness and inability to take care of ourselves and to spot a scam when it slaps us in the face. Regardless of what you have been led to believe rejecting this law does not put you on the side of sex offenders.

Mark Lunsford was there and chatting it up with those in attendance. When asked about charges against his own son in Ohio Lunsford wasn’t shy about telling how he blackmailed the court by threatening to expose every sex offender case where they showed leniency. It worked. Joshua Lunsford served 10 days and does not have to register as a sex offender.

At one time Lunsford was going to file charges against the Citrus County sheriff in connection with precious little Jessica’s death. They came to an understanding very quickly. The word that trickled out was that the sheriff only had to remind Lunsford of the child porn that was on his computer the morning Jessie disappeared. Anyone wanting to verify this information should contact the Jessica Marie Lunsford Foundation. The phone numbers listed are cell phone numbers for Mark and his mother, Ruth Lunsford. These are the same steps I took to make a donation.

We may not like the things some people do but no family deserves to lose a child. Thankfully death such as Jessica’s make up less than 1% of sex crimes and it is a blessing that it isn’t higher. Until we give help to the mentally ill we will suffer grave consequences and SORNA/AWA does not address the problem. It would fall under prevention so it is an individual problem.

Many of us have experienced bad touches at sometimes in our lives so why the pretense about stranger-danger? You know who touched you. We are spending mountains of money to put the focus “out there” while 93% of incidents are “right here” with no strangers involved. A rapidly growing registry proves that new offenders from my home and your home are committing 95% of sex crimes. Do you think a national law is going to change that?

Government should be funding non-governmental community agencies staffed with mental health workers and others with a true desire for prevention who can step in BEFORE a child is harmed. Saving a child often means saving an entire family.

With 93% of incidents having no relation to strangers why do we need a national program that is based entirely on stranger danger? We have many sex offenders who have gone underground simply because they continue to be forced out of neighborhoods.

This is a million dollar problem caused by misuse of registry information. Look at unbiased studies so you can recognize the lies. Those of you who wrinkle your nose in disgust and force registrants to go underground are liabilities we cannot afford. In a healthy community the goal is for everyone to succeed.

There is a wide range of people on the streets and no labels. Al l are pulling together in an effort to survive. Are there enough honest people among us to influence your state to take the registry offline and give immunity to those who are willing to resume registering under saner circumstances? One state that has the fortitude to break out of the mold will become the brightest star on our flag. As we are balancing on the brink of disaster what better time is there to strike out in a different direction? There IS a better way.

Where has our freedom gone?

Before the TX congress sits a potential 7,000 new felonies, new misdemeanors and enhancements. We are eager to give up our remaining freedoms We hear about decreasing prison population. We see a wider net being cast in order to lock up more people.

While prisons and punishment are necessary the entire nation has gone way overboard. Although the accused have a right to a jury trial about 90% are terrorized into plea bargains. Those who can’t afford an attorney are especially easy prey. We know that innocent people get convicted. Those who exercise their right to a trial and lose are used as examples for those who follow. You can bet your boots that innocent people take the plea. Great work is being done through the Innocence Project and those facing the death penalty are rightfully at the head of the line. The innocent with lesser sentences do their time and seldom get above the poverty line when released back into the community

The prison in Huntsville started out as a slave plantation. Not much has changed in all of these years. At all of the facilities have hoe squads with an armed overseer on horseback. It takes one back to yesteryear.

Many outsiders have a mental picture of inmates lifting weights and swapping tales. When one works the hoe squad, the kitchen, the laundry or any other kind of labor 5 days a week many don’t have the strength to lift weights.

Inmates should work. Then they can return to their cages where the temperatures sometimes reach 130 degrees and cover themselves with a wet towel to try and get relief. There is no air conditioning and nobody has a TV in their cell.

Prison beef is prime and brings a good price. It is sold off to processors who sell the scraps to the next company. The prisons get back what is left at that point and each box is marked “Not for human consumption”. A lot of soy is mixed in and this is what prisoners eat.

There is something wrong with a society that puts people in cages, treats them like animals and expect them to act like humans when released.

Our next governor should be someone who will rip down the current parole system and build something that works. Parole has a job to determine how well an inmate has done while in the system. Making a judgment based on the nature of the crime is what the Judge does at the time of sentencing. The inmate can do everything right in prison but there is no way to change the nature of the crime that brought someone there. It is things such as this that make us want to throw the whole bunch out and start over. Elections are coming up. We don’t elect parole board members but we can throw out the bums that appoint them give them unlimited power and sit back and watch them screw with everyone around them.

Prison is expensive. We are paying $20,000 and up for every year an inmates remains locked up. How many of them are you willing to support and for how long? We can start making a list of individuals that are willing to be financially responsibility for one or more inmates. Please limit your demands for longer sentences only to individual inmates that you support. This country is filled with people who want to lock'em up and throw the key away. If asked to put your money where your mouth is there would be little cash and lots of attitude. If we had as many wise people as we have wise asses our country would not be rocking on the edge of disaster. Every dime the government has comes from our pockets.. Cutting prison populations and spending more on education would be my preference. That is not the way things are done in a nation of people who already know everything.