Friday, April 3, 2009

Adam Walsh: Blame It On The Dead Guy

At the same time Adam Walsh disappeared James Campbell, a friend of John Walsh, was living in the Walsh home and having an affair with the Walsh wife. John said he didn’t know about it until much farther down the road. That is the correct answer but it may not be the truthful one.

Authorities knew that James was living there but this man stayed so far below the radar that most of the public failed to pick up on him and the betrayal that was taking place in the home. We have heard nothing about Campbell over the years. It would be interesting to see what he has to say and what kind of life he had led. Walsh claims that Campbell would not have killed Adam but neither his wife nor his friend were trustworthy.

Walsh claims there were no financial problems but shortly after Adam’s disappearance the Walsh home went into foreclosure and there was a struggle to keep the utilities on. The time frame suggests that this downhill slide started before Adam’s disappearance.

And John Walsh has always loved the ladies. His efforts to settle down appear sincere but over the years he has left many notched on bedposts. It took many years of denial before he accepted that his behavior was deviant and sought medical care. If infidelity were a crime Walsh would be a lifer.

This was an explosive situation. The adults in the household were busy seeing to their individual needs and a special trip to the mall to get a lamp and spruce up the home hardly fits the picture. A lonely little boy, seeing and hearing too much, could have easily got caught up in the adult anger that was swirling around him. There has been years of speculation that Adam never reached the mall. There is no proof that he was there. A mother’s claim with nothing to support it has never carried much weight. A nation was being persuaded to believe people who could not trust one another. For the next 27 years these adults remained as suspects in an open murder case.

Toole was a nasty character but had no involvement with children. There was no evidence to charge him when he was alive but, in death, he was convicted. A new pair of eyes looked at the same old information and decided guilt. It was closure on more than a quarter of a century of being suspects. Everything else remains the same. When John Walsh dies there will be so many stories and, like Toole, there will be nothing he can do about it. It would be wonderful if Adam could communicate so the finger-pointing would stop. Such children must surely hate whatis done in their names.

A staged abduction at a mall would account for a missing child, direct focus away from the home, depict the family as victims and increase the number of suspects from 3 to 300 or 3000. Reve Walsh has a crucial but minimal role. After making her public outcry she was hustled away to the background. James Campbell remained quiet and kept his head down. All of the details we have heard over the years have been made by John Walsh who only had hearsay information from his wife.

There appears to be no information available as to when Adam was last seen by someone outside the home. His remains cannot pinpoint exact date of death but it would have taken a couple of days to plan a distraction at the mall. The business partners could probably shed some light on John Walsh’s schedule and attitude the couple of days prior to Adam’s disappearance.

The John Walsh we see on camera is warning us about the John Walsh off camera that we only hear about. This leaves him with no standard to judge normal behavior and it has caused many males to take a step back from relationships with their children. So many years were spent getting father’s more involved in child rearing. Now they are afraid to change diapers or hold their little ones in their laps. It’s a loss for all of us.

Over the years we have watched the bizarre Walsh marriage stumble along. Marriage protects them from being forced to testify against one another should such an occasion ever arise.

Like everything else out there this is more speculation that can neither be proved nor disproved. There is still time for truth to emerge or be reaffirmed into something with substance. Three people know what happened during that time period and only one has spoken. That also seems odd in such a high profile case.

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