Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Marlboro Gold, Marlboro Red or Marlboro Green?

Marlboro Gold? Marlboro Red? Marlboro Green?
Soon California voters will decide on the legalization of marijuana and it looks as though it might pass. The Cato Institute says it is a winner and many residents agree. The many teachers with pink slips in their hands would really like to keep their jobs. Many others are in the same boat. This seems to be the state’s only chance of returning as a leader. And they will be leaders. Other states will be playing catch-up.
This change would not do away with the drug cartel but the damage will be felt. Many smugglers on both sides of the border would have to find a new line of work. Maybe we could stop giving Black Hawk helicopters to Mexico and the number of enforcement officials fighting this war we can’t win would drop of dramatically.
Our prison population would drop dramatically as we deport the illegals and release the citizens that are serving time on drug charges. Parole, probation and drug courts could see daylight again. Would we all become addicts? Sales would probably spike as the check out something new and far from ordinary. Addicts will be those that become addicted regardless of law. Taking the taboo label away and allowing adults to make personal decisions is the crux of the fight. Marijuana is a vehicle for pushing the agenda and a huge step in reclaiming personal rights. This would be a very meaningful beginning in taking back our country that is over-powered, over criminalized, over-penalized and over-politicized. Change is coming and it is about time that ordinary people stand up to government suppression and say “You work for me”!
Failure to pass this bill will be an indication that people like things the way they are. Many of us that see the benefits have never smoked pot nor do we intend to do so unless it is proven to have medical benefits that personally affect us. So this is not about a lot a potheads and hippies that desire to get stoned. Freedom of choice and the freedom to make the right choices are the issues we are facing. Being able to keep jobs, homes, pensions and savings are on the line. Brutal violence and mass murders are a constant exercise just across the border. This is a war we can win and should have done so years ago. Just vote for the passage of the bill and results will be instantaneous.

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