Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Super Hero To The Rescue?

A look across the states shows many contradictions in how sex offenders are being dealt with. Some areas are concentrating on residency restrictions long after other areas have discovered they prevent nothing. One has to wonder why such people don’t just look around at all of the failures.
In TX there is a new law on the table that will require parents to attending counseling with their teens involved in sexting. This is interesting. There are cell phones available without cameras that would prevent teens from sending or receiving any sort of photographs. Getting back to basics would solve the problem.
TX is also considering the deregistration of some youthful offenders. It might have happened sooner but there was always the 10% penalty in Byrne Grant Funding that held the hostage. Now TX is saying NO to the Adam Walsh Act (AWA) and the 10% can only be taken once. For the first time since registration began states that refuse compliance with AWA have the freedom to handle registration however they please.
The feds will not give up on AWA. Force will cause the defiant states to dig in deeper. Money to sweeten the pot might do it but states have learned the hard way that there are strings attached. Many in society are screaming about the Feds overstepping and change is being demanded.
There is one thing that could change the picture and work to the benefit of the feds. What they really need to whip everyone back in line is a grisly murder by a registered sex offender. Unfortunately it will happen. Some poor child will be victimized, brutalized and murdered. The offender will escape and Americans across the country will be glued to television sets as we watch a manhunt take place. John Walsh will be everywhere to spread his message of “these monsters” although it will be an act by a single individual.
Some horrible crimes have been committed against children and it is such a boost to an already thriving business of exploiting children for fame and fortune. John Walsh would be out of a job is these things stopped happening. One of the most difficult things to accept is that we have a whole slew of people that are working hard to make sure it continues.
We all know the aftermath of the Jessica Lunsford case. Suppose a similar story could be written with an action hero. He is a step ahead of the law and when authorities find the John Couey character he is dead. We don’t know exactly how but our action figure announces to the world that this was one man that caused their panic and heartbreak and he no longer exists. All sorts of stories with messages of prevention and words to heal victims could be a part of these stories. Can we make comic books as a beginning to change our image? They could reach television. The super heroes from comic books are becoming very popular again and it would be a good tool for cutting off the politicking that accompanies these issues. Building self-esteem in children would be a great goal.

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